Among some of the programmes organised by the ministry are teachings, food fairs, exhibitions, etc. Many women who had problems with child bearing have had breakthroughs whilst all manner of burdens have been lifted.

Out of the first Food fair that was held years back, the ministry has now established a bread-baking project, which is voluntarily manned by one of our sisters. This has become an income generating business for the movement among other initiatives. Several rallies have also been held, at which many souls have come to the Lord, to God be the glory, Amen. We extend a hand of invitation to all and sundry to join us in fellowship on Tuesdays as will be advertised.

The District Executive Committee currently comprises of the following members:

Women Ministry

In line with the vision of the Church, the aims and objectives of the Women’s Ministry of PIWC-Atomic are to;

  • Pray for the growth of the Church,
  • Organise Seminars, Workshops, Lectures and Symposia in all aspects of life including;
  • Marriage enrichment, wives’ responsibilities at home, child welfare care and education, etc,
  • Business management and techniques,
  • The teaching of basic principles of law relating to the family, e.g. succession, marriage, etc
  • Promote the welfare of widows, orphans, the needy, etc,
  • Carry out evangelism i.e. preaching, witnessing and winning souls for the Lord,
  • Train women to be responsible married women in the Church and the society.
  • Develop the talents of women and the total womanhood to enhance the social, physical, spiritual and intellectual status of the women.

The ministry organizes meetings at both district and zonal levels, which were recently revitalized. The zones are demarcated all over Accra and meet on days convenient to a particular zone. Apart from this, there is a prayer meeting held each Wednesday mornings (‘Redemption Hour’) at the Church’s main auditorium.


Dcns. Ruth Amoah KoomsonDistrict LeaderEnglish Service
Dcns. Joyce BoatemaaAssistant LeaderAkan Service
Dcns. Christina Owusu-SekyereSecretaryEnglish Service
Dcns. Faustina DinkuMemberAkan Service
Dcns. Mercy Akosua YeboahMemberEnglish Service