The Church of Pentecost has achieved so much over the past years. It is the single largest Protestant church in Ghana today with branches in over ninety (90) nations worldwide as at 2016. This is no mean achievement in view of the fact that this church has only officially existed for some sixty-three (63) years.

With the changing world and the evolving generation, it has become clear that our church may decline in the future if she does not adopt a different approach to attracting certain groups of people in the society.

Human beings are so different and it is difficult for any single church to possibly reach out to everyone. That is the reason why we need all kinds of church groups and approaches to the work of evangelism. Together, we can accomplish what no single congregation, strategy or style can accomplish by itself.

God created an infinite variety of people with different interests, preferences, backgrounds and personalities. To reach and retain all these people for Christ, we require a variety of styles of evangelism and groups. The message must remain the same, but the methods and style of communicating it will vary greatly.

It is in furtherance of this that the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) was established to reach people who by training and orientation do not feel comfortable with the traditional way of worship which focuses on the use of the vernacular amongst others.

The PIWC is a church that is not burdened by anything but Christianity, radical enough to get back to the New Testament and courageous enough to apply it in practice in our contemporary world.