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The story behind the PIWC Auditorium complex is a unique one in that, it was conceived and birthed by God Himself. For more than a decade the hearts of many worshippers in PIWC-Accra had yearned for a temple where they would worship the Most-High God, and where their children and the generation after them would worship also.

The search which began in earnest, took the church through many wonderful and appealing sites but all these efforts yielded very little result. Well, in “His own time, He does all things beautifully.’ For, in all these delays, God was travailing to birth such a magnificent project at such a magnificent location as we have now at no cost at all. It is a unique site. Sitting above all her immediate environs and on top of a hill is the location of Auditorium complex. The complex is very imposing and unassuming but as one stands on top of the hill and views from the west through to the east, the impression one gets is that the Auditorium should be the centre of attraction with a sprawling audience anxious to hear and see God transform their lives.

God had already chosen His theme for the worship complex, ‘Be a light on top of the Hill for all to see and glorify Me’. That is exactly what the design is about; to welcome all who would need refuge and to be noticed and accessed by all in this great amphitheatre that spreads from Tantra Hills to Adjankote with the Akwapim Ridge as its boundary and as far as the message could reach. The worship complex is therefore to be a beacon of hope for the communities around and a platform for that message of hope.

With this understanding gave birth to the design concept of an open and universally approachable edifice that is not bound by any doctrine or philosophy. It may be said to be of post-modernism generation but only in terms of living through the many facets of architecture yet to manifest in the decades to come. The pronouncements of glass and concrete, wall definitely tells the story of our time for it shall welcome people of all ages yet unborn.

The project team led by Elder (Architect) Kofi Amponsah, with other professionals from all the other related disciplines offering their best as far as their gifts can permit and have worked diligently to bring the project to this stage.

This is a modern state of the art multi-purpose auditorium facility for PIWC-Atomic and the entire Church of Pentecost. There are about four different halls with a total capacity for 7,500 people. These include the main auditorium with gallery with 3,000 seating capacity, two  lower ground floor level halls accommodating 600 and 300 people respectively, four halls and seminar rooms on two upper floors.  All these halls could function simultaneously and independently. A multi-media centre, back-stage, bookshop, children’s centre, catering facilities and baptism pool area has been provided. In addition, there are offices, committee rooms, technical rooms, washrooms, staircases and a lift. There facility will have some well-landscaped terraces linked by steps and ramps as well as a large parking lot will complete the symphony. The design of the project has also made provision for a detached two-storey facility with halls for local and Youth churches.

It would be great if you could find time and visit the facility. As you climb the top floors of the auditorium and look around the surrounding communities, you will be challenged by the great potential you will be seeing right before you. With this great insight into what God is about to do with this worship centre, your cry would be to join others to cry out, ‘Lord, complete this house quickly.’ Let us all rise up and build the house of the Lord, ‘The Worship Centre of the people’ to the glory of God.

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