Tongues of fire to possess the nations

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday Morning Joy Service

Ps. Anthony K. Mensah

Exodus 3 and 4:1-5

Prepare to come into direct contact with the fire of God
This Fire Conference is going to be one of a kind. Some of you are going to come into direct contact with the fire of God.

Prepare to see strange things from above
Read Exodus 3 and 4:1-5.

Moses had fled from the fury of Pharoah and now taking care of the flock of Jethro his father-in-law. When Moses was leaving Egypt, he was 40 years old and in Exodus 3, he was 80 years old. It means that it took God 40 years to do what Pharaoh had taken 40 years to do in his life.

While tending his father in law’s sheep, he encountered a strange sight. He saw a bush that was burning but not being consumed. In this conference some of you are going to encounter strange things from above.

Prepare to the transformed by the fire
As I looked at the image of fire throughout scripture, I realized that anytime people encountered the fire of God, their lives were never the same. In Isaiah 6 Isaiah saw the fire of God in the temple in the year King Uzziah died. He felt unclean until an angel took a coal of fire and touched his tongue—then he was transformed. Something strange happens in the lives of those who encounter the fire.

Moses hid his face from God at his encounter with the burning bush. When you encounter the fire of God you feel unworthy. Moses asked, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me?” Then God asked him, “What is in your hands.” It was a rod. God told him to cast it on the ground and he did. When he did, it turned into a serpent. He stepped back in fear but that was the state of his life. His life was Egypt where they worshipped all kinds of gods including serpents. Some of us will run away when God shows us the state our lives. God told Moses to pick up the serpent. As he did, it turned back into a rod.

So as Moses walked with the rod hitting the ground, the head of the serpent was being crushed. This was in fulfillment of the prophecy that the head of the serpent was going to be crushed. In this conference, God is going to turn your life around.

Prepare to swallow up your enemies
When Moses encountered Pharoah in Egypt, he cast his rod on the ground and it became a serpent. Pharoah called his magicians to also do the same thing but Moses’ rod which had become a serpent swallowed up all the serpents of Pharaoh’s magicians. Moses picked up his rod which had become a serpent and it became a rod again but this time it was a rod which was made of other rods. May you swallow up your enemies.

Prepare to be changed forever
When Moses encountered the fire of God, he was no longer Moses. Even though Pharoah had sought him for a long time, he couldn’t do anything to him because he had changed.

People are saying all manner of things about your life but after this conference, your life will never be the same. On the day of Pentecost, the tongues of fire divined and settled on them individually. There is enough fire for each of us. Whoever encountered the fire had a changed life so when you encounter it, you don’t go back to your old life lest you grieve the Spirit of God. May God empower the church to live right. It is only in an atmosphere of holiness that the Spirit can manifest himself.

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