Don’t waste his fellowship Eld. Owura Kwaku Sarfo Sunday, May 9, 2021 Sunday Morning Joy Service at PIWC, Atomic

Happy Mothers’ Day
I am privileged to be speaking to you on Mothers’ Day. I believe the biggest gift we can give to mothers and women is to make this life more comfortable and equitable for them. Recently I went to my hometown and was talking to one of my cousins. He’s around 45 and has ten children. I asked about his wife but when she came she looked as young as ever. Then my mother told me she works like a horse. I wondered why she should work like a horse while her husband was taking it easy. And you could see that her husband was really taking it easy.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
This month the subject we are considering is the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and our resident apostle gave a very good foundation last week. This morning, the Lord has laid on my heart to share with you, “Don’t waste his fellowship.” In other words, take full advantage of his fellowship.

Read John 14:16 and Jeremiah 10:23.

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, (John 14:16 ESV)

I would like to start with Jeremiah 10:23. Even the strongest man has no power to direct his own steps because we are limited as men. Even as Christians we are limited. That is why Jesus told them he would send them another helper and said he would not leave them as orphans. The Holy Spirit is a helper in life and ministry.

The Holy Spirit is not just for speaking in tongues, but he is supposed to be a helper in general. Some time ago the Lord revealed to me that there was going to be an undesirable incident in my life. Then I prayed for him to take it away but he ministered to me. That is when I understood that the Lord reveals to redeem. As I prayed and prayed, the undesirable situation kept coming and coming. I was asking, “Lord, why? Why are you not taking the situation away?” You will be amazed at how he was speaking to me directly. He said when Herod was looking for Jesus to kill, even though he was his son and he could have cleared Herod away, he told Joseph to take the boy and run away to Egypt. Why did the son of God run away to Egypt? And he said he wanted to hide him a bit for a later time when he would plant him. A time will come when he will plant you. After about an hour or so in his presence I was comforted.

Making full use of helpers
Last week apostle told us that the fellowship of the Holy Spirit means he will be a friend and a companion. He is in us and with us. We are not taking full advantage of his fellowship and friendship. If you don’t remember anything today, remember that God has called you as a believer to take full advantage of his fellowship. Can you imagine a helper at home? Do you know you can sometimes have a helper who is “better” than you?

Read Genesis 39:3-6.

Potiphar had a servant or helper but he saw that he was better endowed than he. He was a wise helper so he sought to take full advantage of him. He could have left him to do some menial task but he put him in charge of all his house. So, if you have a helper, you better take advantage of him.

And for the women, sometimes you can have a helper who is a better cook than you; a better cleaner than you; better endowed than you. And yet you will be complaining of being tired when the helper is there. Take full advantage of the helper.

The Holy Spirit is the comforter, counselor, helper, intercessor, strengthener, standby, and advocate
The Amplified Bible gives six synonyms for comforter: counselor, helper, intercessor, strengthener, standby, advocate. The believers of old took advantage of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. In Acts 8:29, Philip in his own personal life received instructions on what to do. He could hear the voice of the Spirit. In Acts 1:23-26 when they had to choose a new apostle, they prayed and were aided by the Holy Spirit.

One of the difficult things I know as a leader is in choosing people to play roles. More importantly when you are in the leadership of The Church of Pentecost. Who should be this and that? The people are many so how do you choose? If you are not careful you will choose based on human nature but when you let the fellowship of the Holy Spirit lead you, he will guide you.

Someone said life is made of decisions, choices, and actions. So, in making choices, how do you make sure that you made the right choice? When you are looking for a wife, how do you choose? How do you choose a job or business? How do you choose out of all the options available? The fellowship of the holy Spirit is there to guide you so, this morning, make up your mind to take full advantage of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

I believe the work God has given me this morning is to convince you to take full advantage of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit—to urge you not to waste it for the resources are many and there is the temptation to waste them.

Recently a lady confided in me that he has spotted a man and was convinced he was the man for her but was not sure how to go about it. I told her, “The advocate has helped you to choose. He is your advocate before men and God. Send your advocate.” She prayed about it and the Holy Spirit went to talk to the guy. The Bible said God had commanded the Shunamite woman to feed Elijah. When Elijah spoke to her, she didn’t know she had been commanded. You can send your advocate to command that your boss and difficult husband or wife. The advocate is there for you. in this particular case, suddenly, the man started noticing the woman even though she had been there all along. I thank God that eventually it ended up in something.

In Acts 13:2 the Holy Spirit spoke while they were waiting on him. I advise you to wait on him. Because the Holy Spirit is all-knowing and lives in us, he can lead us in inventions. Let us begin to invent things. It is time for the Holy Spirit who lives in us to release inventions into the world. He should lead us to business innovations. It is time for him to lead us into greater exploits in life.

The Amplified Bible gives his various roles. He is a counselor, a helper, and an advocate. That person who has sworn that you will never make it there will start hugging you. He is a strengthener. Sometimes we are tired but he will strengthen and enable us.

What should we do?
1. Develop a close relationship with him through fasting, prayer, and study of the word.
2. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit or drive him away through sin bitterness, prayerlessness, or unbelief.
3. Seek the face of God and, in particular, the Holy Spirit in all matters. Linger in his presence.
4. As you linger, listen to the Holy Spirt. The Holy Spirit talks. He is not dumb. Sometimes he talks in a still small voice; at other times through the inward witness.
5. Obey his direction.

I have no doubt that as you truly fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you will become more intimate with him and you will have greater operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He was given to us as a helper in life and ministry. Do not settle for just speaking in tongues but take full advantage. Cultivate his friendship and let us not waste his fellowship as some are doing.

Main references
John 14:16-18, Jeremiah 10:23, Genesis 39:3-6, Acts 8:29, Acts 1:23-26, Acts 13:2

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