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  2. a) Overview

Corporate and personal prayers are essential signs of growth found in every growing church. The church that never prays does not grow.

Although it is difficult, if not impossible to be dogmatic in matters where the supernatural and natural interact, there is sufficient biblical, historical and contemporary evidence to highlight a major factor i.e. a relationship between prayer and growth in the church, which if overlooked only increases the probability of continued decline of the church.

  1. b) Action Plan
  2. Fasting and prayer will be strengthened at all levels.
  3. Church leaders and members will be encouraged to enrich their devotional lives.
  • The importance and centrality of God’s word in worship will e strengthened.
  1. There shall be teaching and prayers for the Holy Spirit baptism and spiritual gifts at local and district levels.
  2. Officers and members will be encouraged to exercise their gifts at the local level. Ministers and Presiding Elders will be admonished to give a place to spiritual gifts such as prophecies, visions and Holy Spirit inspired songs at church services.
  3. Thursday and Friday shall be designated for prayer and healing services – ‘KRATOS’ and strengthened for the English and Akan Services respectively.
  • Learning and singing of hymns and spiritual songs (Christ-centred music) will be encouraged at all levels. Members will be encouraged to meditate and pray on the lyrics of Christian songs.
  • We shall depend on the Holy Spirit through much prayer;
  1. Attempt shall be made to allot good time for prayer in Sunday morning services;
  2. Prayer cells shall be encouraged;
  3. The week preceding the Lord’s Supper shall be used for prayer and teaching retreat;
  • Prayer Warriors (the official Prayer Team) shall be encouraged to continue to intercede for the church;
  • Revival and all-night prayer services shall be held as often as possible;
  • Pastors and officers shall be constantly reminded of the need to be men and women of prayer;
  1. Individual members shall be encouraged to spend time alone in personal prayer to God.

‘KRATOS’ refers to the incomparably great power that God exerted in raising Christ from the dead

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