There is still room

What value do you place on soul-winning?
If God promised to give us $10,000 for every soul we preach to, what would be our approach to soul winning? Some of us would quit out jobs and focus exclusively on winning souls. But there is something bigger and better than money in the fulfilment of the assignment God has given us.

Let’s overcome our excuses
Read Luke 14:15-24.

God has made provision for mankind. All are invited to the banquet. But we often give excuses when the time of the banquet arrives just like the people in the parable. They had been pre-informed of the banquet but that didn’t stop them from making excuses.

The cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, preventing us from doing what God wants us to do. One of them said he had bought some oxen and wanted to go and try them. Another said he had married a new wife and so could not come. Our earthly relationships sometimes get in the way of us doing what God wants us to do.

We must do the master’s work with urgency
If we don’t major in the things that have eternal value, we will miss the mark. Our lives are short. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so whatever you want to do, do it now. The master told his servant to go out quickly to invite others in place of those who did not honor the invitation. There was a strong sense of urgency and that his how we must approach the work of soul winning.

When those who were originally invited did not come and the blind, maimed and infirmed were invited, they could also have given excuses but they came. We must go out and preach as Jesus commanded because the salvation of the word depends on us.

We must use a compelling force to bring in as many people as possible
After the servant went to invite all the people he could find, there was still more room for people. The master then told him to go to the hedges and byways and compel people to come. That means a different strategy is needed for this category of people. We must be ready to compel them to come into the kingdom.

Let us do things that outlive us and have eternal value. As long as people are alive and breathing, we must share the gospel with them. he is commanding us to go out and win the lost at all costs.

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