The Youth Ministry of the PIWC Atomic (Akan Assembly) is operated under the broad guidelines of the Church of Pentecost Youth Ministry.

The Ministry seeks to empower the youth to live for Christ everywhere and exists to mobilize and equip the youth to live for Christ, make Him known and impact the Church and Society.

The goal of the Ministry is to raise a well-informed Youth Leadership in the Church who have dedicated themselves to the service of the “Lord of the Harvest” and to emphasise spiritual living in order to avoid fulfilling the lusts of the eyes, flesh and the world. The Ministry promotes a sense of community and teamwork involving both leaders and members in order to foster a sense of unity and love. The Ministry has instituted a well-structured mentoring programme that has motivated and coached young people to take up responsibility in the Church.

Membership of the Ministry comprises youths who are mainly students and young workers or Teens (13-19) and Adult Youth (20-35).

The following members constitute the Youth Ministry’s Executive:

Elder Dr. Edward Nketiah-Amponsah                       -Patron

Deacon Sheriff Odonkor                                         -Leader

Bro. George Adarkwah                                          -Assistant Leader

Sis.  Henrietta Abruquah                                       -Secretary

Bro. Daniel Osae                                                 -Organizing Secretary

Sis.  Linda Apkorhor                                            -Organizing Secretary (Ass.)

Bro. Daniel Nyarko                                              -Prayer Secretary

Sis.  Joana Dinku                                               -Treasurer

Sis.  Lilian Akorli                                                -Financial Secretary

Sis   Josephine Dapaah                                     -Choreography

Bro. Collins Amponsah                                      -Drama /Choreography


Programmes and Activities

The Youth Ministry’s activities are held in five regimes as follows:

  1. Monthly/ Bi-Monthly Youth Service
  2. Teens (Youth) Service- Held on Sundays and run concurrently with the Adult service.
  3. Purpose-driven events during weekends, vacations and holidays
  4. Departmental meetings
  5. PIWC Youth Camp


The Youth Ministry uses a number of online platforms (Websites, Facebook, Whatsapp) for information dissemination among members.


The PIWC-Atomic (Akan Assembly) is a place where you can come and find love, comfort, build solid relationships and be empowered to grow in all spheres of life. The Youth Ministry is engaged in several programs, from sports, outreach, camps, movie nights, picnics to debate and poetry to mention a few. There is also a counselling facility to help address concerns of the youth.


Meeting days: Mondays and Tuesdays: 6:30pm-8:00pm

It is always a mixture of fun with fellowship and relevant sobering teachings.