This Ministry is solely responsible for sustaining evangelism on the cutting edge as our prime core value for the PIWC Atomic (Akan Assembly).

Over the years, the Evangelism Ministry has contributed immensely towards the growth of the church by embarking on several evangelistic outreach programs such as: Personal Evangelism, Group Evangelism, Sports Evangelism, Public Cinema Evangelism and Rallies, among others. The leadership has been motivated to provide resource materials and incentives for aggressive (corporate and personal) evangelism. Since discipleship is God’s heart burden, in line with the Great Commission, the Evangelism Ministry strives to convey the message about the Love and Saving Grace of God to the unsaved. It also strives to draw those who have been alienated closer to God.


The Ministry has the following executive members:

Deacon Solomon Ampaabeng Asante                                   Leader

Brother Abednego Akoto Mawuli                                            Assistant Leader

Brother Daniel Nyarko                                                           Executive Member

Sister Christiana Akorli                                                          Executive Member

Sister Linda Akporhor                                                             Executive Member


Activities for the year 2017

Public Cinema Evangelism                                                          March

Personal Evangelism                                                                   April

Street Evangelism and distribution of tracts                                   May

Meeting Days: The Ministry meets on Thursdays at 6pm at the Children’s Centre.