The Children’s Ministry of the PIWC Atomic (Akan Assembly) has experienced teachers who teach and handle the children in the Church with great care, and help them to experience the unconditional love of God in Christ Jesus at a personal level. They disciple the children in Christian living so as to help them avoid falling prey to negative peer pressure and worldly influence.

The leadership of the Children’s Ministry strives to teach the exemplary life of Jesus Christ to the children in order to raise the next generation of Christian leaders who will secure the future of their country and the world through Godly principles, and transfer the knowledge imparted to succeeding generations. The Ministry sees the need to get the children excited to learn about Jesus.

This is a daunting task in today’s contemporary world where children are exposed to many entertainment activities both on TV and the internet. The leadership therefore works hard to keep abreast with the times in order to understand the challenges which the children face on a daily basis both at home and in school. This enables them to guide the children in the path of truth using the Bible as their source of instruction.


The Ministry recognises that children are very curious, open to hearing and receptive to truth. They desire and are willing to learn at all times. This makes it imperative to help the children get the right knowledge which will be of immense benefit to their total development. Scripture admonishes us to train children in the way they should go so that when they grow up, they do not depart from it (Prov. 22:6).

The Children’s Ministry therefore provides an opportunity for children to know God’s truth early in life. The realisation that today’s children are the leaders of the Church and the world tomorrow, makes children the greatest mission field. This is why the Children’s Ministry is a most important department in the PIWC Atomic (Akan Assembly).


Several successful efforts have been made to build Christ-centred lives in the children through mentoring and discipleship, often in small groups led by some of the teachers. As the teachers hang out with them every Sunday, they impart knowledge on to the children and this has positively impacted the lives of the children. Some members of the Ministry have won awards at the Pentecost National Quiz Competition held at the Pentecost Convention Centre, and this reflects the sound teachings offered to the children.


The following activities are held alongside the use of the Teaching Guide or syllabus

  • Teachers’ and children’s fasting and prayer sessions
  • Indoor games
  • Review of  Christian Songs
  • Movies about Bible Characters
  • Scripture Examinations
  • Rally
  • Quiz
  • Arts Day
  • Bible Memory Verse Puzzle (Team Learning Activity)


The Ministry has the following dedicated executives:

Sis. Gladys Boatemaah                                     –           Leader

Bro. Alex Siaw-Sarpong                                     –           Assistant Leader

Bro. Mawuli A. Akoto                                         –           Teacher

Bro. Frank Ampofo Smith                                   –           Teacher

Sis. Theresa Tiwaah                                          –           Teacher

Bro. Daniel Nyarko                                             –           Teacher

Sis. Henrietta Abruquah                                      –           Teacher

Sis. Portia Asantewaah Dapaah                           –           Teacher

Sis. Josephine Dapaah                                       –           Teacher

Sis. Esther Bekou                                              –           Teacher

Sis. Irene Antwi                                                  –           Teacher

Sis. Lorna Grant                                                 –           Teacher

Sis. Gloria Nketiah-Amponsah                             –           Executive Member

Elder Charles Ohene Oti                                     –           Patron


The Ministry meets every Sunday at 10:00am at PIWC Children’s Centre