The PIWC Atomic (Akan Assembly) runs two Bible Study Meetings: Church Cell and Home Cell. These are small groups of members who meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15am before the commencement of Church Service (Church Cell) and Sunday evenings at 6:00pm excluding Lord’s Supper Day (Home Cell). Each Cell has been mandated to look after members residing in the same community. The Cells develop a community life through which people learn to receive God’s grace and to share His Word with those in the community as well as fostering spiritual and physical growth and development.  Our cells aim to inspire, challenge and provide personal encouragement needed for day to day living. The Cell structures are supported by a strong network of Zonal Elders who oversee its operationalization.


The Church Cell is held at the Church premise while the Home Cells are held at specific locations near to the residence of the members within the suburb. The suburbs include the following: Dome Old and New Stations, Ashongman Estate, Kwabenya, Haatso and Bohye, Atomic Roundabout 1 & 2, Atomic Quarters and Atomic Flats. The Cell leaders are shown below:



PIWC Atomic (Akan Assembly) Home Cells and leaders


Leader Contact No. Assistant Leader Cell Venue
Bro. K. Boahene 0246263121 E. Odonkor Kwabenya Abuom Junction (Washing bay)
Bro. K. Kusi 0277644938 Bro. Phil. Larbi Atomic Down Bro. K. Kusi’s residence, Atomic Down
Eld. N. Akowuah Dcn. Gborglah ANT Dcn. Gborglah’s House
Sis. Docia Nartey Sis. Gladys Boatemaah Atomic Quarters/Flat Eld. Anane’s House
Dr. D. Appiah 0540628767 Dns. Auswell Haatso-Rabbit Dcns. Aswell’s House
Dcn. Sheriff Bro. Aboagye Dome No. 1 Dns. G. Boatemaah’s
Office (Dome)
Bro. W. Nunekpeku 0277731579 R. Quarshie Ashongman Estate Regina Quarshie’s House (Beside Estate Mosque)
Bro. G. Fianko 0244486339 Kwabenya 2 Bro. G. Fianko’s House

For further information about the Cells, please contact: 0543208936 or 0505694132